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Rostock, the Hanseatic city on the Baltic coast, founded in 1218, is picturesquely situated directly at the mouth of the river Warnow. With its historic center and its ancient buildings from the time of the Hanseatic League, the city offers various attractions. Amongst them are historic churches as well as the university, which was founded in 1419. During our Rostock city tour, which is accompanied by an experienced guide, we offer exciting hours aboard our historic bus.

We will take you to the most important places of the city's history while leaving you enough time to see everything and soak it up. For further questions please feel free to contact our tour guide or staff at any time. We will be delighted to introduce you to the history of our home town and look forward to welcoming you in order to present Rostock at its best, always paired with little anecdotes from 800 years of city history. Thus, let us take you on our "Rostock City Tour".

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Departure and arrival is at the cruise terminal in Warnemünde. You only need to walk a few meters after leaving the ship respectively the terminal area to start the "Rostock City Tour". A guided city tour with different stops and time for individual activities is included in our services. Additionally, entrance to the St. Peter´s Church and its observation deck, liable to pay costs, is included in the total price. The same applies to all beverages aboard our "Rostock City Tour" bus. We offer water, juices and beer – as local patriots of course only freshly brewed from the local Hanseatic brewery in Rostock: "Rostocker Pils" and the traditional "M & O" await you. We also have free WiFi that you can gladly use during the trips from Warnemünde to Rostock and back. Feel free to approach our guides or the bus driver, they will be happy to assist in setting up the connection.


At two central locations, you will have the possibility to take unique photographs and have the opportunity to experience city history first hand. The first destination of our tour is the tower of the 117-meter-high St. Peter´s Church. From the observation deck at an altitude of 45 meters, we can promise you a fantastic view over the entire historic downtown. On a clear day and with a little luck it is even possible to see Warnemünde and your cruise ship at a distance of around 9 miles. Whether you choose to walk the 196 steps to the church spire or take the elevator is optional. Our second stop will be at St. Mary's Church. It is another central point in the city of Rostock and has a more than 400-year-old astronomical clock, which is still fully functional. Among the highlights of the clock are the chimes and the apostles walk which takes place at midnight and noon.


St. Mary's Church is simultaneously the initial point for several hours of free time in the center of Rostock. Whether going for a relaxing walk, exploring ancient ruins and their history, going shopping or simply drinking coffee - Rostock downtown offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy a couple of hours in a great atmosphere whatever your preference. After your return to St. Mary's Church we provide for your transportation back to your cruise ship in Warnemünde.

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